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Q1. What can a UPS do for me ?

Answer: Every UPS will supply power to a load (such as a computer, telephone switch or medical equipment) when main power fails.

It may also condition the power and prevent spikes, brownouts, interference and other unwanted problems from reaching the supported equipment.

Q2. How long can a UPS keep my equipment running for ?

Answer: As long as you want, providing you buy enough batteries and the charging system is up to it. After about four hours it's usually

more cost-effective to buy a generator, with a short runtimr UPS to bridge the generator start-up gap.

Q3. How necessary is the UPS in places with extremely rare power outages?

Answer: According to statistics, power outages make up a smaller part of the power failures. And most of them are not such obvious

problems as overvoltage, increased and lower voltage. In addition to providing the UPS with power for a long period in the absence of

external power, they also provide reliable protection against unstable voltage, overload, high-frequency interference and other power failures.

Q4. What are the batteries used in the UPS?

Answer: Most of the commercially available UPSs are equipped with maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with anhydrous liquid electrolytes.

Energy is created by chemical reactions in the gel electrolyte. These batteries are easy to operate and maintain, very easily replaced.

Q5. What is specific gravity, and why does it matter?

Answer: Sulfuric acid is no more than chemicals dissolved into a water based solution. Pure distilled water has a specific gravity, or weight

of 1.000. When we dissolve chemicals in that water, the solution becomes heavier. Battery electrolyte is a solution of water and sulfuric acid

with a specific gravity of 1.265 for flooded batteries and around 1.310 for sealed (absorbed glass mat) batteries. Which means that with

AGM batteries, the acid solution is 1.310 times heaver than water alone. The specific gravity can be easily measured with the use of a

battery hydrometer, nothing more than a tube with a calibrated float inside. The higher the specific gravity of the solution in the tube,

the higher the float will ride in the solution. Just as you are more buoyant in salt water than fresh, the salt being like the dissolved

chemical in the water. With that said, as a battery becomes discharged, the dissolved chemical clings to the lead plates.

When the battery is charged, it returns to the water. When this becomes hardened on the plates, it is called sulfation.


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